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The Profit Driven Manager

In this premium training, Managers and Supervisors will discover powerful new ways, best practices and inspiration to team up for smarter shrink control and loss prevention.

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Cashier Theft & Error Prevention

Breathe new life into your cashier productivity and shrink prevention Learn More

Backdoor Vendor Receiving

Stop the receiving “mistakes” that cause 12-15% of all store shrink.
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Smart Auditors’ Auditing Practices …NOT Just Policies

Learn how the auditor’s questions can serve to empower the morale of compliance rather than inhibit it. Learn More

Shrink-Trax — New Seminar

Breathe new life into your cashier productivity and shrink prevention

Preventing Perishable Shrink

Discover which successful practices reduce perishable shrink while growing your stores’ sales and customer loyalty. Learn More

Shrink Control: Your Competitive Edge

Get your team focused on the key issues —- employee theft, shoplifting, perishables, PLUS loss prevention leadership.

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8 Rules for Profiting with Perishables

Reduce perishable losses and expect a 100% Workshop ROI in 8-12 weeks. Learn More

9 Indisputable Strategies for Shrink Prevention

A fast-paced, upbeat training for store managers, loss prevention specialists and company executives.

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Facts, Stats & Shrink-Control Best Practices

Combine facts and stats with best practices to make a positive difference to your future success. Learn More

90 Days To Transformational Loss Prevention

The fast-paced MUST ATTEND session for Presidents, VPs and Management. Learn More

Shrink Prevention and Control: It’s Everybody’s Job!

Managers and executives will learn that loss prevention isn’t an event, it’s away of doing business. Learn More

Where’s The Shrink – All About Shrink Awareness

Effective shrink prevention begins with management shrink awareness — here’s the training they need. Learn More

Driving Perishable Profit Through Smart Shrink Prevention

Discover the inseparable link between shrink control and customer satisfaction, to grow perishable profit. Learn More

Learn 7 Quick Loss Prevention Audits in Under 45 minutes

Teach your managers to “see” and “feel” what the points of profit loss are and how to cause them to be “under control

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